Accepted Papers

A Novel Annotation Schema for Conversational Humor: Capturing the cultural nuances in Kanyasulkam
Vaishnavi Pamulapati, Gayatri Purigilla and Radhika Mamidi

A sentiment-annotated dataset of English causal connectives
Marta Andersson, Murathan Kurfalı and Robert Östling

Annotating Coherence Relations for Studying Topic Transitions in Social Talk
Alex Lưu and Sophia A. Malamud

Annotating Errors and Emotions in Human-Chatbot Interactions in Italian
Manuela Sanguinetti, Alessandro Mazzei, Viviana Patti, Marco Scalerandi, Dario Mana and Rossana Simeoni

Bayesian Methods for Semi-supervised Text Annotation
Kristian Miok, Gregor Pirs and Marko Robnik-Sikonja

Cookpad Parsed Corpus: Linguistic Annotations of Japanese Recipes
Jun Harashima and Makoto Hiramatsu

Modeling Ambiguity with Many Annotators and Self-Assessments of Annotator Certainty
Melanie Andresen, Michael Vauth and Heike Zinsmeister

Modelling and annotating interlinear glossed text from 280 different endangered languages as Linked Data with LIGT
Sebastian Nordhoff

PASTRIE: A Corpus of Prepositions Annotated with Supersense Tags in Reddit International English
Michael Kranzlein, Emma Manning, Siyao Peng, Shira Wein, Aryaman Arora and Nathan Schneider

Provenance for Linguistic Corpora Through Nanopublications
Timo Lek, Anna de Groot, Tobias Kuhn and Roser Morante

pyMMAX2: Deep Access to MMAX2 Projects from Python
Mark-Christoph Müller

Querent Intent in Multi-Sentence Questions
Laurie Burchell, Jie CHI, Tom Hosking, Nina Markl and Bonnie Webber

Representation Problems in Linguistic Annotations: Ambiguity, Variation, Uncertainty, Error and Bias
Christin Beck, Hannah Booth, Mennatallah El-Assady and Miriam Butt

Sprucing up Supersenses: Untangling the Semantic Clusters of Accompaniment and Purpose
Jena D. Hwang, Nathan Schneider and Vivek Srikumar

Supersense and Sensibility: Proxy Tasks for Semantic Annotation of Prepositions
Luke Gessler, Shira Wein and Nathan Schneider

Towards a standardized, fine-grained manual annotation protocol for verbal fluency data
Gabriel McKee, Joël Macoir, Lydia Gagnon and Pascale Tremblay

Understanding the Tradeoff between Cost and Quality of Expert Annotations for Keyphrase Extraction
Hung Chau, Saeid Balaneshin, Kai Liu and Ondrej Linda