Invited Talk

Nils Reiter

Beyond the Mold: New Paths for Annotation Science

In the most recent years, the field of computational literary studies has emerged, sometimes called a ‘little sister/brother’ of computational linguistics. The underlying assumptions, text types, and annotation categories pose new challenges to the established annotation workflow. In the talk, Nils Reiter will discuss two potential new directions for the systematic use and study of annotation as a scientific method. Focussing on the text type ‘literary text', he will discuss the impact of textual characteristics and annotation category choices on annotation procedures, metrics, and tools. With an (even more) methodological focus, he will report and reflect on experiences made in the shared task SANTA, which at the moment has the collaborative and competitive development of annotation guidelines as its goal. In both directions, linguistic concepts interact with non-linguistic ones in a way that can be fruitful for both fields.