Virtual Conference Information

Presentation Information

The workshop will take place soon and we would like to give you some more information on how the lectures and posters will be presented.

  1. Talks: The pre-recorded videos can be found here: Please watch them in advance. The individual slots for the talks on Dec 12 are divided into a max. 2 minute "elevator pitch", to give a general idea of the main contributions of the work, followed by an open QA format for the remaining time.
  2. Posters: The posters are also already online: The posters will be presented live on Dec 12 in Gather. You can identify the posters by their IDs (see the link to the schedule here: To see the poster and interact with poster presenters, move to the poster and press the x key.

Please watch this video which explains how the software we use works:

General Information

COLING'2020 and LAW XIV are being held virtually because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Please note some important points about how LAW XIV will be organized:

  1. There is general information about the modified format of COLING'2020 here:
  2. Authors giving an oral presentation at LAW XIV should prepare a 15 minute video and follow instructions for uploading it here by November 10, and be prepared to attend a moderated Q&A session during LAW XIV.
  3. Authors giving a poster should prepare a PDF in A0 size and landscape orientation by November 10. The PDF should be uploaded here.
  4. For both oral and poster presentations, at least one author must register through the COLING website (which includes the main conference as well as workshops and tutorials):